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Happy Goblin Brewery, Mt Kuringai


Address: 11/1 Marina Close, Mt Kuringai, n of Sydney            

Type:  Brewery (Shared)           

Beers : Pale Ale, Dark Ale, Strong Ale, Stout and Fresh



The “Happy Goblin” brews are artisan beers, made by chief brewer Colin Larter, a chemistry graduate (like myself) and a true aficionado of the art of beer.

The “Happy Goblin” beers are made in small batches in the Mount Kuringai microbrewery, and receive their final maturation in 18 litre glass demijohns.

Most of their beers are available bottled, and each bottle has the date of bottling hand-written on the label. The beer will continue to mature from this time with the small of amount of remaining yeast, and from then it should be consumed within a few months, as it has no preservatives and is unpasteurised. Fresh, honest beer.

Anyone familiar with this website knows that I usually give a preamble (or ramble) to go with the beer reviews. Often, it is an interesting story connected with the particular beer being reviewed, in this case Happy Goblins.

After many weeks of research, here are a couple of interesting facts about goblins in the Sydney area –

Sightings of Goblins to Date – none confirmed, although of the two reported to police in recent years, one turned out to be a cat with a limp and the other was a possum just trying to attract attention.

Goblin Spells and Curses – there have been a surprisingly large number reported in Sydney suburbs, although in nearly every case these spells have been cast shortly before a Federal Election.

In summary, the only goblins in Sydney are the Happy Goblins, available from specialist bottle shops around the Sydney area, (Chambers Cellars or the Oak Barrel in Elizabeth St, for instance). The “Strong Ale” has tropical fruit aromas and flavours and is malty with hints of pineapple. This is 6.9% ABV and goes great with spicy sausage like Chorizo or Jerk Chicken.

The “Pale Ale” is cloudy, gold and with 5% ABV and has flavours hinting at banana and peach. There is a long, malty finish.

The “Dark Ale” is foamy and coffee-coloured with a fruity aroma and tastes that include molasses and citrus. With 5.8% ABV, this also has a smooth finish balanced between hops and dark malt.

I look forward to trying the Stout and Fresh Ale just as soon as those darn goblins let me out of the house.